Welcome to The Litterbox

Founded in 1996 by Kelly Sosik-Hamor and Sean Sosik-Hamor, The Litterbox was originally created to raise awareness about no-kill animal shelters in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. The website originally included a searchable database of pets available for adoption, showcased shelter-friendly veterinarians, and included various pet-care articles.

The Litterbox shut down as an animal rescue resource in the early 2000s once websites like Petfinder started to grow their national network. For now, The Litterbox exists as an email-only domain name, but may eventually grow again into an animal-rescue resource.

Hamor Photography

Lifestyle, event, urban, and tech photography services by Sean Sosik-Hamor. Covering the Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire areas.

Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs

USDA-Licensed Breeder and Rescue — Conveniently Located in Central New England just 45 minutes North of Boston or 35 minutes South of Manchester!

Hamilton Lincoln III, VMD — Andover Animal Hospital

The preferred veterenarian of The Litterbox and Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs!


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